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Welcome to the Holistic Health Care & Research Center located at New York with its own unique features to cure the chronic diseases suffering people. Our infectious diseases specialist Dr. Rao.K. is a doctor & physician with advanced training of internal medicine who is qualified as an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases which are caused by the illness of the microorganisms or germs. Our specialist is speicalised in curing all the infections of any type such as sinuses, heart, brain, lungs, urinary tract, bowel, bones or pelvic organs and any cause with the bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic. He is trained and experienced over a decade in the unique cross-section of medicine. The specialist also has the knowledge of a particular insight into the use of antibiotics and their potential adverse effects. He also has a deep understanding of immunology (how the body fights infection), epidemiology (how infections spread), and infection control. The infectious disease specialist at our center helps you with the treatments to the people who have long-term or the chronic infections, or disorders, like AIDS and HIV CLINIC, Anemia: Aplasic Anemia Symptom, Thalassemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, General Anemia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Auto Immune Disorders: Lupus, Ulcerative colitis, Crohns disease, Celiac Disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, Vitiligo, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Scleroderma, Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus , Hashimotos thyroiditis, Graves disease , Primary biliary sclerosis, Sclerosing cholangitis, Autoimmune hepatitis, Addisons disease, Raynauds phenomenon, Alopecia, Cancer Prostate Cancer Mesothelioma Cancer colon cancer symptom etc., Cardiac Problems Cardiac Stent Areest Cardiac, Coma medically induced coma diabetic coma, Depression and Anxiety Medication, Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking Cessation, Womens Sexual Problem: Hormonal imbalance, Frigidity, Loss of libido, Hair Problems Womens Hair Loss Accutane Hair Loss alopecia areata treatment, High cholesterol natural remedy for high cholesterol high cholesterol medication, Hypertension portal hypertension malignant hypertension, Male Sexual Problems: Erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation, Impotence, Loss of libido, Hormonal Imbalance, Migraine basilar migraine occular migraine, Premature aging, Premature menopause, PMS, Prostate: Beningn Prostatic Hypertrophy, Prostatitis, Sexually Transmitted Disease: HIV, AIDS, herbal treatment for genital herpes, Syphilis, Urinary Problem Chronic renal failure Chronic Urinary Infection,Urinary Incontinence, Infertility Specialist Male Infertility Treatment Female Infertility Treatment, Skin and Beauty Problems: Xanga Skin Rascal Flatts Skin Proactive Acne Treatment Blemishes Psoriasis Dermatitis Eczema Freckles Vitiligo, Stroke Stroke Symptom, Thyroid overactive thyroid armour thyroid, of any age and many more diseases. We consult the patient by the review of a patients medical data, including records, X-rays and laboratory reports.

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